Friday, September 21, 2018

AvPvT: The Predminaliener

In 1987, a commando team encounters a predatory alien species in the jungles of Central America. Their leader, Major Dutch Schaefer, is the lone survivor. Due to this circumstance, the government - using his attributes and likeness as a model for technology based on the classified research of Dr. Miles Dyson - initiates full-scale development of the Terminator program to counter this new threat. When the latter, known as Skynet, gains sentience, humanity realizes too late the greater threat this counter-measure poses than the Predator it was meant to stop.

Ten years later, gang warfare and riots engulf Los Angeles. As citizens are hunted by an unknown entity - suspected by certain individuals to be a Predator - an elite squad composed of both law enforcement and military personnel investigates the matter. Meanwhile, Skynet determines a course of action that will cause world-wide decimation. Realizing the only way to save humanity is by destroying it, nuclear missiles are launched against key targets on August 29, 1997. As the dawn of Judgment Day advances for the human race, it will not be the last.

After John Connor - prepared and trained by his mother Sarah, having first encountered a Terminator in 1984 - eventually thwarts and leads humanity to victory over Skynet, Earth rebuilds and colonizes space. Law enforcement agents, known as Blade Runners, are further tasked with tracking down and eliminating any remaining hostile replicants that may pose a continuing danger. They are specially trained to detect human-like synthetic infiltration models. One notable agent in particular, Rick Deckard, has not been seen in decades after disappearing in 2019.

In 2122, the commercial space freighter Nostromo receives and investigates a distress signal. The crew soon discover an alien lifeform that preys upon them on a hostile planet. The lone survivor of this encounter, Ellen Ripley, is humanity's latest hope of survival against this Alien the Predators previously had fought and hunted, and with which they may still be at war. Back on Earth, bureaucrats and corporate officials - failing to understand the consequences of such folly from the devastating Skynet War - only consider this new species a potential weapon ripe for exploitation. They will do everything to possess it, no matter how many lives or the time it takes.

Remember their names - Connor; Deckard; Ripley; Schaefer. Heroes from different eras in dire times of need, all with a singular mission: save humanity from its own hubris.

©2018 Steve Sagarra

Monday, August 13, 2018

Gold Leader Given More Screen Time

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…
It is a time of immense despair for the Resistance,
but also one of renewed hope. As they continue to
battle and evade the First Order, who seek to wipe
them out once and for all, their desperate pleas
for help so far go unanswered...

Wedge Antilles hurriedly, yet cautiously, enters the remote gambling den. Scanning the dimly lit room of ruffians and scoundrels, he spies his target playing sabacc.
    “Lando Calrissian. I've been searching the entire galaxy for you. Speaking of which, you're no longer welcomed at The Outlander Club or Canto Bight.”
    “Didn't want to be found, Wedge. What's the amount of the bounty that I have to pay off this time?” Lando sedately asks, concentrating on his cards. Tossing chips into the center of the table, he nimbly raises the bet.
    “You heard about the distress call from Leia and the Resistance?” Wedge replies, stress evident in his voice as he warily eyeballs the other shady patrons.
    The former General offers no reply, maintaining attention on his anxious opponent as they contemplate either matching the wager or conceding.
    “Well, what are we going to do about it?” Wedge further inquires, visibly frustrated. “Hear that Nien Nunb is with them.”
    His opponent having confidently pushed all their chips into the pot, Lando lays down a winning pure sabacc. He looks over at Wedge.
    “Let's buckle up, baby!”


©2018 Steve Sagarra

Friday, June 29, 2018

Determined Cause, and End of Dominion

What is happening at the southern border of the United States is not a holocaust and/or genocide. Citizens - mind you, legal citizens - are not being rounded up into concentration camps or ghettos to be used as forced labor aiding war efforts, grotesquely experimented upon for horrific purposes beyond scientific and/or outright executed for the simple reason of existing over notions of cultural and racial superiority. Meanwhile, other citizens are not turning a blind eye - either intentionally or naively - to the situation under the false belief that their government would never do such heinous things. With the current situation, there is a public awareness and presence that otherwise would not be if it were a case of bureaucratic deception and state-sanctioned extermination. The reason for this is that we no longer live in an era of unquestionable loyalty to government or its actions, or even beholden solely to mainstream media coverage. Thus, activists, citizens and politicians alike are openly involved in advocating and offering solutions that, under different circumstances, would place them equally in harm’s way of any totalitarian state that deems them a threat.

Separating Families At The Border: The Hysteria Overlooks Some Key Facts (Investor's Business Daily)

The Truth about Separating Kids (National Review)

In reality, a sovereign nation endeavors to enforce its laws and maintain the integrity of its borders against undocumented illegals who neither adhere to nor respect any of these conditions. They are not citizens, either by birth or lawful naturalization completed by millions of legal immigrants - like my Cuban-born grandfather and Irish-born great-grandparents, members of two immigrant nationalities that routinely faced discrimination yet persevered to achieve citizenship under established regulations. They, like multitudes of others, went through the arduous yet requisite process to become naturalized citizens rather than circumvent the system. These measures are not meant to dissuade or hinder any immigrants from being welcomed into and embraced by the country, but to serve only as the means for honoring and recognizing the requirements of citizenship. Even in a world bent on and consumed by globalization, this is not a hard concept to understand nor an idea archaic in its application.

There is the understood truth, as Benjamin Franklin eloquently opined, that liberty sacrificed at the expense of security potentially endangers the longevity of both. Nevertheless, we also should heed the words of the late John Ireland (1838-1918), archbishop of St. Paul, Minnesota, addressing American citizenship: “Law is order in liberty, and without order liberty is social chaos. The highest test of a people's fitness for free institutions is their willingness to obey law.” As for current global holocaust and/or genocide, I refer you to five prime examples that should demand and elicit more immediate action and outrage: Congo, Darfur, North Korea, Somalia, Syria. You also might study other historical incidents for context - Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Sudan. Leave history to the historians, and the “fake news” propaganda and rhetoric on the ash heap of it - or it not only will be the United States, but all societies governed by the rule of law, burning in the destructive lawless chaos of their own creation.

©2018 Steve Sagarra