One More Chance

Arduous to leave, much to say,
Remain with me, never say good-bye,
Moments spent, intimacies shared,
Dusk ‘til dawn, what the future holds,
Imagine life apart, continuance alone,
Such good friends, then faded away,
A moment shared, everything destroyed,
Were we to know that this would be our last?
Next we touched, all like a dream,
Awkwardness embraced eternity,
Anticipation vainly wanting,
Thoughts strangled the mind, doubt,
Symphony of tacit nervousness, apprehension,
Contact reassured, intimate strangers,
Dreams do not fade,
Were we to know that this could not last?

(Published; The Stray Branch, 2012)

Isolated in cryptic mystery, tense slumber,
Body and flesh naught,
Heart throbs wilder, wilder, wilder . . .
Blood chokes ‘round, crushing painfully,
Deteriorating into eternity, flash to the past,
Mind and heart alone exist,
Deception misleading, existence true,
Awakening a rebirth.

Whole again, blood teems natural,
Thickening to steel,
Hymn of blades, not a sound,
Call enhances, pain intensifies,
Chisels through skin and essence,
Substance explodes, but unblemished,
Eyes open, awakened at last.

Blood depletes, sucked at once,
Imbibe for unseen beast,
Flesh an empty sack,
Deprived of soul possession,
Capacity refilled, waking the concession.

Traveling Souls Karmic Measure

Staring into the vacuum of abyss,
Life unfilled, repressing vanished dreams,
Future confused, present undefined,
Do not know, cannot foresee,
No escape from our judge,
Quest for understanding brings only pain,
Existence once was shall never be,
Face of reality unexpected,
Decays from yesterday’s essence,
A promise without meaningful embrace,
To the end of the end is my fate,
Burden of our cross to bear, wishing it to uplift,
On the precipice between life and disillusion,
Patience a virtue, to which I cannot subscribe,
For a means to an end has now come,
Devoid of thought, senses dimmed to nothingness,
As memories of us are all I face,
And my spirit languishes empty for more,
Hopeful for what is needed, pray for release,
A thousand times my heart has died,
In your cause it shall always be,
Own deed, perhaps cruel fate,
That never together again will we be,
Till time when we begin anew,
Desolation prevents any tomorrow,
And darkness brings only sorrow.

(Published; Skyline Magazine, 2007)

Demons haunt, no longer existent,
Sting of the sacrament,
Tremors incessant, perspiration unyielding,
Roam through a haze,
Memory vague, oblivious of consideration,
Contrary to that sought,
Idea of yesterday, tomorrow uncertain,
Stench of the unspoken,
Alienation, Isolation, Insanity,
Heaven suspicious, Hell at present,
Somber pleasant madness.


Denial heart of the past,
Time of separating paths,
Open and let light in,
Do not disown self,
Patience heart of the present,
Acknowledge efforts, and appreciate,
Grateful toward progress,
Too long, and no longer virtuous,
Love the appropriate action,
Listen to heart, that small voice,
See that which is hidden,
Soul needs passion’s eyes,
Acceptance the obstacle,
Know change, and that which cannot,
Deepen the understanding,
Otherwise, know only pain and sorrow,
Surrender to a new situation,
Opportunity shall be yours,
No need to control present,
Release troubles into the past.

Silent Veil

In dreams, existence breathes,
Yesterday reciprocal yet to be perceived,
Touch of heaven, and pain of sorrow,
Known before, sought thereafter,
Belief in the fates, remember a choice,
One that is desired, and the same needed,
Dawn of tomorrow, Aphrodite in the gleam,
Flash of your smile, thought of your embrace,
Wanted to kiss you, failed even in words,
Flustered not of fright, rather of nerve,
Moment passed, you were from my sight.

Torments Desire

Blur of echoes dull perception,
Yearn for a moment patient at your side,
Ever immediate, never together,
Unable to speak what heart perceives,
Mind a wander craving understanding,
As a slight touch caresses a soul longing,
Fills a void known only empty,
Decaying contours of perception,
Wrapped in joy, sorrow nonexistent,
Hold forever, eternity
To the fates, may they have a design,
Gleaming eyes awaken the world,
Of paths crossed far and near,
Intimates in one, strangers in the parallel,
Share your desires, make me feel alive,
Pleasure of being aroused everlasting,
Existence in heaven’s midst,
Bearing a fleeting vision of a dream,
Awakened anew to a dull routine,
Closer I get, the farther it feels,
As anguish and regret turn you to stone,
Never enough to satisfy the heart,
Conflicted and confused,
Memory fades to a faint whisper,
Forever gone moment, not forgotten,
Only image echo now remains.

Paradigm Wind

Tell me a story, if you please,
What shall it be?
Fair maidens in distress, knights of good deeds,
Or of witches and demon seeds,
The mighty and the meek, wuthering away,
Animals that speak, “the farmer shall pay!”
Tales of peace, and of war,
That hopefully do not bore,
One that is gory, and hints at glory,
With brave new worlds,
As a mystery unfurls,
Dance the macabre in red,
Regale in sonnets to the dead,
How much can you bear?
Tell me a story…if you dare.

Revelation Beheld
(Published; The Storyteller, 2009)

Luminous moon on canvas black,
Clouds stir past, intermittent brilliance,
Trees stretch bare limbs toward,
Below, ripples of water caress,
A whisper of wind, not a sound,
A thought heard,
“This is what was before the world came.”

Distant momentum gains as heavens swirl,
Thunder roars, lightning streaks,
Chaos erupts forth its rage,
Design engulfed in brimstone,
Utter desolation reigns supreme,
An idea forms,
“This is how it was as the world came.”

Gilded gleam awakens anew,
Tempest ebbs, calm settles throughout,
Light penetrates mist, washing over,
The celestial spirit stirs,
As terra sits in repose,
And a voice says,
“This is how it was when the world came.”

Chasing Ghosts
(Published; The Stray Branch, 2012)

Yesterday gone revives the idea,
Of an echo that blinds anew,
Existence reflects less fleeting,
Afternoon in the rain, shadows in the haze,
Set my soul at ease, a touch before it fades,
Whisperings of the unexpected,
Hear a smile through the maze,
Inhale the essence from far away,
Perspective contorting the scene,
The road of salvation leading astray,
Making the notion of today seem vague,
Temptation in a name, hallowed by the same,
A state of delusional awareness,
With desire awakening the need,
Nullifying any satisfying conclusion,
Pandering to an obligatory crossroad of irresolution,
That which I feel, what I believe,
Embracing the familiar unknown.

Fate’s Silhouette
(Published; Midwest Literary Magazine, 2009)

Through a wood at the fast foot,
Raven splendor at the fore, ominous Siamese pursue,
Cannot overtake, cannot elude,
Upon a roaring body draw near,
Slithering serpents, assorted dimensions, guard the shore,
Their developing seed resting still,
Impetuously leaps the lass, twins vilely closer approach,
Verge of destruction, oblivion of the ages,
As hesitation weighs to the ground,
The swift current takes the maiden,
Vanished, washed away by the force,
Swallowed into unrecognizable nothingness,
A greater good not to be achieved,
Exploit, chastise, control,
Advocate slogans empty assurance,
Misguided reasons among false places,
For ourselves from ourselves, savior,
As one, achieve the way.

Tilted Windmills
(Published; Midwest Literary Magazine, 2012)

Forsake not the travails of youth,
Where ashes of the gods rest at my feet,
Pristine essence unsullied by dogmatic disgrace,
Shadows crest beyond the dreams of meek,
Darkening the old for the light of the new,
A split-second a matter of conditions,
Inspiring aspirations beyond the reach,
Exchange the world on blithe indiscretion,
Reach to the mist of heaven's domain,
Penetrating the flesh in unbridled exuberance,
To explore the fantasies of realities curse,
Awakening perceptions of a world unknown,
Cascading dilemma between life and existence,
Overwhelms tides of desire for pressures of need,
The disappeared forgotten, the forgotten disappeared,
Transient promise crushed stillborn,
Is this the world we create, or the one we allow?
Ideals heralded abandoned to souls unborn,
Wasted spirit languishing in isolated utopia,
Now becomes the ash at their feet.

 View From the Edge

What if this is no longer my reality?
Living amid a different mentality,
Seething with angst over the pain,
Your lips speaking another’s name,
Deceived by notions of resilience,
Path filled with anxiety to continuance,
Casting a line to the far horizon,
Questions the wind for nurturing guidance,
Passions hidden leave a brooding chill,
Repeats the mistakes to my free will,
Maybe one day I'll get a clue,
No longer play the role of a fool,
Creeping footsteps of the past everlasting,
Fueling convictions beyond understanding,
Creating an image of meaningful incidence,
Is it nothing more than coincidence?
Penetrating the cracks in my existence,
That strains the impatience of persistence,
As afterthought slips from consciousness,
No longer bothered with mutual awareness,
Listen to the chorus forming a truth,
That suffocates my denial like a noose,
Tempered between pleasure and misery,
When did this become my hypocrisy?

Siren Song of Spiritual Ecstasy

Your scent lingers on my senses,
Driving me to the brink of sadness,
Fool to think your caress can heal deep wounds?
Yielding to the everlong hold of temptation,
To see you without looking,
To feel you without touching,
Seeking redemption from self-imposed damnation,
Teasing moonlight silhouettes your glow,
As you breathe your essence into my soul,
Uplifting a burden borne alone by your own,
Finds in a shared heartbeat our salvation,
Hold you gently close when we're near,
Whispering private desires in my ear,
My mind awash in blind chaos soon clears,
Banishes unrelenting doubt and the fears,
Replaced by cleansing hope and good measure,
We explore vibrant existences at our pleasure,
Relish in your grace as brilliance glows,
Your lilting heart reaches into my soul,
Will I ever see you again?, I heard the wind whisper,
And a tear formed, like dew on a sunlit flower,
Beauty in its solitude, dreaming of tomorrow.

All material © Steve Sagarra

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