Thursday, January 8, 2015

Taking Extreme Out of Islamic Extremism

Same liberals rushing to defend the majority of peaceful Islamists hypocritically and incessantly implicate law-abiding gun owners with every shooting. Guarantee some idiot progressive is once again spouting their contrasting nonsense:  “if we just express and explain our feelings to Islamic terrorists, they’ll calm down and join us in a union of understanding” – while hurling vile threats at and bashing Second Amendment supporters in the same breath because some loser nutcase went ballistic.

Eradicating wicked weeds of extremism is no different than maintaining a well-manicured lawn. All it takes is vigilance in both effort and means. If tools necessary for maintaining a well-manicured lawn are taken away, one will only end up overrun by wicked weeds. Same for extremism. One could go "scorched earth," eradicating weeds but also lawn. To do such to eliminate extremism in man would mean ending humanity as well. So what is there to stop extremist ideology? Again, vigilance in both effort and means against it, rather than vacillation retreating from it.

External half-measures against Islamic terrorism are only part of the problem. There is greater urgency for more internal outrage and policing from moderate elements in suppressing the extremist ones. This is a rarity, if it exists at all. Often, moderates who condemn terrorist acts will still condone inflammatory messaging directed at non-Muslims that serve only to further influence extremists. Such contradictory dogma must be eliminated at the root before extremism can ever be completely eradicated.

Otherwise, yet another day will dawn when we will face another never again. And another never forget.

©2015 Steve Sagarra