Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sometimes A Great Notion of My So-Called Life

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster,
and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Abyss: Who are you?
Voice: An idea evolving, re-invented, numerous times.
Abyss: When were you born?
Voice: Yesterday, maybe tomorrow, it eludes me.
Abyss: Who do you want to be?
Voice: Not this, or that, or anything else.
Abyss: Where do you want to be?
Voice: Not here, or there, or anywhere else.
Abyss: Are you who or where you want to be?
Voice: I am, and I am not.
Abyss: How would you describe this duality?
Voice: Like a penitent hermit, living in vagabond exile.
Abyss: From what are you hiding?
Voice: An imperceptible, undefined yet constant weight.
Abyss: How does this make you feel?
Voice: Like supernova starlight blistering my soul, waking to disquiet shadows bring.
Abyss: When are you joyful?
Voice: When I am me, and when I am another.
Abyss: When are you somber?
Voice: When I am not me, and when I am not another.
Abyss: Who is another?
Voice: Me, and us.
Abyss: Who is us?
Voice: I don’t know, without me.
Abyss: When did you realize this?
Voice: When I was alone, contemplating ambiguous allusions.
Abyss: When there was no us?
Voice: When there was no me.
Abyss: Who is me?
Voice: Them, without us.
Abyss: Who is them?
Voice: Without us, no me or you.
Abyss: What is them?
Voice: They are not us, you and me.
Abyss: How do you feel?
Voice: Discouraged and fatigued, awakened and renewed, with all the same hopes, fears, dreams and perceptions as them and us.
Abyss: Would you live or die for us?
Voice: For them.
Abyss: You would live or die for them?
Voice: For us.
Abyss: Is it us or them?
Voice: It is us, and them.
Abyss: Why do we exist?
Voice: To embrace, to understand, to share - before it’s too late, before the moment is beyond reach.

©2016 Steve Sagarra