Monday, May 27, 2013

Remember Us

There comes a time when people must stand up for what they believe. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” As ever before the United States, and the free world in general, finds itself in a seemingly endless struggle – in fact, one ever since our founding – against those who wish to destroy its principles and ideals. Not only abroad, but domestic as well. It is a fight against tyranny and terrorization alike that have no other purpose than to that end. There can be only one outcome against these enemies of republicanism, egalitarianism and civilization itself:  their swift and utter annihilation. Do not give in to those who wish to retreat and submit before them, for there can be no such capitulation. If you believe in the sacrifice such an endeavor entails, prepare for glory for you shall be remembered through the annals of time.

If you be free men and women, remember Thermopylae, remember the Alamo, remember Bastogne – those who knew their fate, yet fought for a better tomorrow. If you be true patriots, stand and fight for freedom, for liberty and for victory!

©2013 Steve Sagarra

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What Difference Does It Make

To shed focus on Benghazigate, the Obama Administration has trotted out its tired standby of not taking responsibility and blaming everyone but themselves for current affairs. Namely, its predecessor and, specifically, former President George W. Bush – four years after he left office – using Iraq as example. Let's compare. One president and his administration used their judgment and multiple, vetted intelligence sources to send the American military into Iraq to oust a ruthless dictator who had been, and continued to be, a threat since the 1980s. Democrats and liberals prefer to cite the body count and financial cost of the conflict rather than the overall goal of a stabilized Iraq, and Middle East, in the broader War on Terror. Whether that outcome is still viable has yet to be weighed by history

Meantime, another president and his administration rushed to judgment blaming an obscure YouTube video despite multiple intelligence sources, including those on the ground under threat at the time, that Benghazi was a terrorist attack by Islamist extremists on the anniversary of 9/11. As a result, four Americans – one a U.S. ambassador – died pleading with administration officials for military intervention. In the aftermath, administration officials have spent months absconding from and contradicting the facts – either from official testimony or eyewitness accounts – concerning the incident. Democrats and liberals prefer to cite the ever-changing narrative and talking points rather than face the implications of a failed foreign policy. 

Great leadership is taking little more than your share of blame and little less share of credit. Clearly, President Obama and his minions think it's the opposite. 

There indeed is a difference. 

©2013 Steve Sagarra

Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Spelled Tyranny Wrong

A consistent flurry of unsettling intrigue has whirled around the Obama Administration – some of which is first-term carryover – that would make disgraced late President Richard Nixon blush. For leftist pundits, it is deemed un-American to question most of it. Yet, it is the apathy and hypocrisy of the left, especially in the media, toward the current administration’s questionable, perhaps even unconstitutional, activities and motives that is becoming un-American. The lack of any outcry, once so inexorably directed at previous administrations under similar conditions, only highlights the bias. Taken as a whole, it is becoming increasingly unnerving the blind eye turned where questions persist without any transparency or concrete answers.

Throughout history, many leaders have begun with great intentions and promised many things to the betterment of their society. Many have fallen prey to the corruption of power, or worse to the malevolence of their own nature. Despite foresight and diligence, the United States has not been, and is not, immune to this phenomenon. Past presidents have tested the innate checks and balance system of our republic, pushing the boundaries of their authority in relation to the legislative and judicial branches. Not to mention to that of and for the people. Should we, as President Obama so mindlessly advised, really “reject the voices that warn of government tyranny”? If we do, who then watches the watchers? Only those who willingly continue to ask questions, in appreciation of principles and values under threat from forces that would circumvent and oppress them.

For as French revolutionary Robespierre stated, “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” Executed on July 28, 1794, for tyrannies against the French people during his “Reign of Terror,” he would know all about it. 

©2013 Steve Sagarra