Friday, August 3, 2007

A Coke And A Smile

Do I wish there was no such thing as war, poverty, or disease? No terrorists, illegals, or unborns? Of course I wish that mankind never knew such things. If all it really did take was a Coke and a smile to make all the world's problems go away, I'd buy Coca-Cola and Hallmark and hand them out. Do I cringe every time another multi-billion dollar space mission investigating how algae reacts to space conditions fails, while people cannot even afford food, gas, or proper healthcare? Yes, I do. It is absolutely ridiculous what we will and will not do, fix and not fix, and invest and not invest.

What is the alternative though? Allow the terrorists and their sponsors to wage war unchecked, let illegals stream across our sovereign borders to take jobs away, and spend billions on the welfare state for people who would rather sit on their asses collecting a check instead of working the jobs the illegals take? I wish it really did take a Coke and a smile. But that is not realistic. The problems will not go away simply by ignoring them, and in most cases especially if we do – they will only get worse.

The difficulty is being human, one's worldview of humanity and what is necessary to confront the problems facing us. I wish it really did just take a Coke and a smile. Then maybe all our energies could go toward bettering humanity, rather than trying our best to destroy it.

©2007 Steve Sagarra