Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Coincidence, Synchronicity, Karmic or Crazy?

Ok, right up front I'll tell you this will sound crazy . . .

For the past few years, I have encountered some strange occurrences. It all started with the clock, and the time. Whenever I looked to see what time it was, and being completely unaware of the time, it would read either 2:22 or 3:43. It's actually hard to explain what exactly I mean by this, but it's sort of like that "every time I look at the clock it reads 11:11" thing. For example, I'd be sleeping and suddenly wake up, looking at the clock to see the time. And it would read 2:22. Then the next day, or maybe a few days later, I would wonder about the time, and it would be the same as the previous day/night - in this case 2:22. The first few times this happened I simply dismissed it as coincidence, pure happenstance that both times I looked had the exact same time. But then it kept repeating, occurring over and over again. So, I began wondering if there was some meaning to these numbers, perhaps a cosmic/karmic connection and/or sign (yeah, I know . . . crazy!). I still don't know, but it does freak me out to think that maybe there is something more to it than just coincidence (or maybe I just watch too much "Lost," which deals with such mysterious "coincidences").

Anyway, akin to this numbers situation is one that involves movies. I'll be talking about a movie, sometimes one that I have not seen in a bazillion years . . . and later that day/night it will be on! Seriously, one night I was flipping channels and this old movie that never, I mean NEVER, gets shown was on one of the classics channels . . . and I had just been wondering about it earlier in the day! Just yesterday I was talking to my sister about James Bond movies, specifically "Die Another Day." Without a doubt, it was on later that night. Is this just some bizarre coincidence?!

If that's not enough, I have more. A few weeks ago, I was in the car with some friends. And let's be honest - it was late, we had been drinking. That said, I made a sarcastic comment about maybe hearing some Nelly, or even some Kelly Clarkson. Not even a second later, what comes on the radio? That's right . . . Nelly. The next song? You guessed it . . . Kelly Clarkson. I mean, right after I make a joke about it, both Nelly and Kelly Clarkson get played one after the other on the radio. They are not even in the same music genre! How did my "friends" (and they know who they are!) react? Completely dismissed it, as if it were an everyday occurrence. Well, that was it for me. I freaked out, mostly due to the circumstances already described above. I couldn't dismiss it so easily.

As I've said, I really don't know if any of it means anything. It could just be bizarre coincidence, or it could be something beyond current understanding. Or maybe I'm just crazy, imagining it all in my head by putting value on something that has none. Does anyone have an idea?

Alright, I've shared my weirdness . . . now I'm going to go find a doctor to get some pills before someone calls the men in white coats that have rubberized rooms for such things.

©2006 Steve Sagarra