Sunday, June 28, 2009

Waiting For Total Collapse?

Apparently, we got it wrong concerning President Obama’s economic stance – he is not a socialist in capitalist clothing, rather a BIG BUSINESS capitalist in socialist clothing. How else to explain Wall Street receiving taxpayer money that Main Street has not? Meantime, taxpayers funding the bailout continue losing jobs and retirement nest eggs as these big business capitalists receive more capital, from an administration elected on the promise of “hope and change” for the nation's electorate. So much for the redistribution of wealth for those taxpayers – even the ones who voted for him – and the restructuring of the economic order.

Even more, Obama insists that another stimulus package is not yet needed, despite his own admission that his administration grossly underestimated the recession’s forecasted impact. While the president sees it as “pretty clear” that unemployment will continue to rise, it is even clearer where his administration stands on truly helping taxpayers – offering only empty rhetoric to encourage us to “tough it out” while giving our money to big business and wasteful government programs.

Obama Says Second Fiscal Stimulus Bill Not Yet Needed

Now how do you feel about the tax cuts – aimed at taxpayers, mind you – and the stimulus check received under the Bush Administration? Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Don’t expect any of that type of relief from the Obama Administration any time soon though.

Apparently, it just isn’t needed yet.

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