Monday, December 21, 2009

Light Up the Darkness

The cry calling for an end to tyranny and oppression has been expressed considerably throughout history, almost to the point of saturation. Mankind has gone “once more unto the breach” so often, marching off to war in search of a world without such conditions, that it seems a continuously hollow crusade. Eventually, perhaps inevitably, new generations of “band of brothers” consistently revisit the Jungian conflict of man’s duality. How many rousing speeches, how many campaigns and how many lives has, and will it take, until the sentiment indefinitely holds?

According to several sources – Mayans, Nostradamus – humanity is exactly three years from the end of days, a foreboding “Age of Apocalypse.” Curiously, neither source specifically mentions the world ending, each predicated more upon a major change to the world as we know it. Whether this change will indeed be an apocalyptic event or a revelatory revolution is anyone’s guess. In either case, the real question is will we be prepared when it occurs.

Nonetheless, the problem lies in molding that “brave new world” before casting off the impediments of the old:  humanity’s insatiable malevolence notwithstanding its own destruction. Certainly, a scan of any particular day's headlines give no indication of that happening any time soon; rather, they are evidence of history’s sadly repetitive theme. Until that time when we do, we will never truly “light up the darkness” as Marley implores us.

©2009 Steve Sagarra

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