Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Healthcare Reform: Vaseline Is Your Co-Pay

The Harry Reid-Nancy Pelosi love affair continues. Both are set to convene behind closed doors, without GOP representation present, to hammer out what will be a Frankenstein’s monster of healthcare reform, cobbled together by the bits and pieces of the respective Senate and House bills. An overhaul that is opposed by half the American population, yet trumpeted as a majority mandate by the two. Are they under the delusion that “red state” Americans simply vanished once Democrats won the White House and gained control of Congress?

Democrats Set To Exclude GOP From Final Health Care Deliberations

This is not government by the people, for the people or of the people. Instead, it is government nefariously conducted by a few politicians in the back halls and secluded rooms of the Capitol, to the exclusion of anyone opposed to their ideas and self-anointed mandate. On an issue as expansively significant as healthcare reform, such partisan politics is an ill that will kill the patient – the United States of America.* Once the Reid-Pelosi cabal pushes their bill through, taxpayers and providers alike will pay the burden with its implementation. And there will be no government-issued Vaseline to soothe the pain.

In Health Bill For Everyone, Provisions For A Few

Coal in America’s Stocking

*Operative word:  “United”

©2010 Steve Sagarra

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