Saturday, February 12, 2011

Giving Due Credit For Mideast Uprisings

Could not have said it better myself. Not Chris Matthews idiotic statement; Noel Sheppard's, of NewsBusters, argument for its idiocy. As Sheppard astutely points out, the seeds of today were planted long before the Obama Administration. Matthews obviously has not kept track of the President's, and equally his predecessor's, record on the issue of democracy in the Middle East, nor considered the internal factors throughout the region for current events that has caught the entire world by surprise. The typical political clamoring for credit - by no means, nothing new in politics at any level - is akin to those who maintain Ronald Reagan toppled the Soviet Union and won the Cold War. Reagan gets credit because he was president at the time it happened, and not necessarily from any influence of his administration. Only people with a narrow understanding of history and the forces at work make such absurd generalizations.

Sheppard makes another valid point on the situation:  taking credit, publicly on record no less, means taking the blame as well if things go against expectations. Again though, it depends on one's viewpoint.  

"The Egypt Warnings Obama Ignored," by Jackson Diehl (Washington Post)

"Social Media Sparked, Accelerated Egypt's Revolutionary Fire," by Sam Gustin (Wired)

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