Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jesus Was A Carpenter

Finished building some shelving from scratch. While feeling fulfilled and accomplishment for doing it, it was nonetheless a labor-intensive task. And that’s how, while washing the sweat and dirt away in the shower, the (true) story of Jesus revealed itself to me…

As the story goes, Jesus was a carpenter. “Was” being the operative word. One day while in the shop, no doubt working on something for a father’s day gift, he was pouring all his sweat and time into a project. Stopping to take a drink of water, he whined, “Christ, walking on water would be easier than this!” And that’s when the telephone game began. Another carpenter in the shop, hearing Jesus, passed it onto his friend, who told another friend, so forth and so forth. Until the narrative became that Jesus, who was a carpenter, became Christ, who turned water into wine and walked on water.

Blasphemous? Probably. True story? I’ll let you decide.  

©2011 Steve Sagarra

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