Friday, December 16, 2011

Clowns To The Left, Jokers To The Right

In previous posts, I endorsed Herman Cain for president. Cain was a true non-political outsider seeking to upset the standard corps of nominees trotted about by our two-party system. While I still have another potential conservative horse, it is not a perfect match. Thus, I have again looked beyond the usual suspects and turned to third-party nominees. I know – why even vote if I am potentially throwing it away on a long-shot third-party candidate? That is exactly the thinking that entrenched politicians from the ranks of the Democrats and Republicans want voters to have, in order to maintain the current, tired two-party system that pits only the frontrunner from each.

Time to change it up. With my classical liberalism leanings – limited government; individual liberty; free markets; freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly – many have pegged my conservatism more in line with Libertarians than Republicans. I would not disagree with that assessment. As such, Libertarian Party nominee RJ Harris is a candidate I feel best fits that idea. Again, like with Cain, check him out, and see how he fits for you.

Keep in mind that if we continue to elect the same, tired politicians while asking for change, we have only ourselves to blame. For more, see -

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