Sunday, November 11, 2012

Streamlining Bureaucracy

On this day of remembrance for our U.S. veterans who have proudly served, and as the more-than-metaphoric fiscal cliff fast approaches that realistically could handcuff and weaken our military capabilities around the world, I took it upon myself (because no one asked) to re-organize the Cabinet of the United States (which from now on shall be called "Ministry of the Republic"...because "Cabinet of the United States" has always sounded kind of dumb):


      Department of Agriculture
      Department of Commerce & Labor* [combined/renamed]
      Department of Energy
      Department of Transportation
      Department of Treasury


      Department of Defense & Homeland Security* [combined/renamed]
      Department of Intelligence & Espionage* [new]
      Department of Justice
      Department of State
      Department of Veterans Affairs


      Department of Education
      Department of Health & Human Services
      Department of Housing & Urban Development
      Department of Interior

Now, granted this scheme doesn't exactly cut down the number of departments. However, there would be only THREE “Ministers” as opposed to the current FIFTEEN “Secretaries.” 3 < 15…and can be counted on one hand (not to mention that combining a few departments reduces that number to 14). Plus, they now succinctly represent the three areas of most importance to the sustainability of our republic – domestic tranquility, common defense and general welfare. So, while these may be the times that once again try our souls, I believe it is a time for streamlining the bureaucracy that will try it as well.

Please see to these changes. Thank you. 

©2012 Steve Sagarra

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