Monday, January 21, 2013

Identifying Americanism

Ever since its humble beginnings in 1787, the year the Constitution was adopted, the United States has been in search of its identity. History, as told by the victors, begins that story a decade earlier with 13 colonies on the eastern coast of North America and moving westward; “Manifest Destiny” was in fact a term given to this search. As a nation of immigrants and given the ever changing demographics of today, the U.S. is in a constant flux concerning its “American” identity. While it is in the best interest of the United States to allow current and future generations – legal, naturalized or otherwise – the same opportunity given those before them to become “Americans,” it is essential that we continue defining and shaping the “new America” of the 21st century provided by that opportunity.

This country, once the backwater step-child of world affairs, has shed more blood and tears in its “short” history as the lone beacon of hope against those who would extinguish the free world’s light. Despite efforts both passive and proactive against them, there still exist those whose sole mission is our destruction. And no matter what blinders one chooses to wear, our house is in disarray from forces – political, social, but most especially economic – that threaten its very core. Hipster doofuses in skinny jeans, reality celebtards on television and idiotic megalomaniacs in Washington, D.C. – is there little surprise in the situation?

A society will always need a leader, but it is up to “We, the People” to maintain vigilance against the manipulative despotism that can take hold by such blind ignorance. As far too many nations have learned the hard way throughout history, a leader’s self-adulation in the myth of their own greatness is the altar of sacrifice upon which virtue and freedom bleeds. And as a reckoning approaches, apathy and disillusion is not a viable option for the degenerations, oppressions and outright abominations attempting to tear asunder and undermine our principles. From the soldier to the General, from the sailor to the Admiral, it is time once more, perhaps now more than ever, to uphold a sworn duty to protect and defend this nation against its mortal enemies not only abroad but also domestic, so that it does not perish from the Earth.

Particularly, it is up to the American citizen – present and, hopefully, future – to pledge fealty to liberty and justice in support of this undertaking, for there is no greater cause than that of free men and women who would willingly give their life before yielding to the shackles of tyranny. Ever more, it is up to us to honor those men and women who voluntarily gave up their lives never knowing their sacrifice to the success of such a cause.

It is either our destiny as Americans, or it will be our demise.

©2013 Steve Sagarra

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