Friday, May 1, 2015

My Take: Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice opens in less than a year. As soon as it was announced, I decided to have some fun and create my own version of the opening scene as follows:

Events of the battle of Metropolis are witnessed once again. Approaching its ultimate climax, the scene pans out to a darkness illuminated only by the light of an oversized monitor. A cave, the nocturnal activity of its residents echoing. Attached to the monitor is an advanced computer terminal, before it a fashionably dressed gentleman, his hair coiffed neatly to match his designer cufflinks, sits in a high-backed chair. Through his chiseled and stoic appearance, he keenly observes the action between Superman and Zod play out on the monitor.
      The gentleman pushes a small, black button on the console.
      “Alfred, I believe it’s time for that meeting with Alexander Luthor in Metropolis.”
      “Very well, sir. Will you be visiting in your typical manner, or just as Bruce Wayne?”


With his personal servant and bodyguard, Alfred Pennyworth, leading the way, Bruce Wayne disembarks into a private hangar at Metropolis airport. He is approached by a throng of the city's media personnel, none more visible than Lois Lane.
      “Mr. Wayne, why have you come to Metropolis? Are you here to help or to exploit?”
      “Ms. Lane, isn't it? I am here to offer the resources of Wayne Enterprises to assist LexCorp and the citizens of Metroplis rebuild this great city from the destruction caused by this so-called ‘Superman’ and his people.”
      “We all witnessed Superman save this city, and the world, from his people. Do you not believe his motives in protecting us?”
      He winks at her. “I tend to take a more skeptical approach than those who sensationalize them in the media. After all, we witnessed him kill one of his people. Seems we should question the danger he could pose to all of us.”
      Not allowing questions from any other reporters concerning Wayne's trip, Lois Lane further presses him on the topic of Superman.
      “What about other stories uncovered that portray him as a savior? Do those not allay any fears we should hold concerning him?”
      “I'd say more urban legend fabricated by an enthusiastic journalist than definitive proof of his intentions.”
      She smirks, glaring at him. “Like Gotham City's ‘Batman,’ Mr. Wayne?”
      “Exactly, Ms. Lane. Nothing more than a rogue vigilante who should let the real heroes do their jobs. Now, if you'll excuse me I have a meeting to get to with Mr. Luthor. Thank you everyone.”
      Alfred escorts Bruce to a waiting limousine, and they drive away.

It can be subtle, but I want references to Batman's former partners…whose real names don’t turn out to be Robin (screw you Nolan!), but rather are called “Robin.” Especially, Jason Todd, the second “Robin” after Dick Grayson, and the memorial established in the Batcave by Batman after his death. There is speculation that Grayson's Nightwing is to make an appearance, possibly along with Carrie Kelley who became Batman's partner in Frank Miller's seminal graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns. It would be cool to have a cameo by Tim Drake as well, who became the third “Robin” after Jason. (All of which could lend itself nicely to a solo Batman prequel/sequel movie centered around either the New 52’s “Court of Owls” or “Death of the Family” story arcs while reflecting on past adventures. But, I digress…)

Despite all the hate he receives from critics, I always have enjoyed Zack Snyder's films. In my opinion, 300 (another Frank Miller creation) and Watchmen (Alan Moore, who automatically disowns all film rights, be damned) are two of the most faithful adaptations of a comic book/graphic novel. Although I was unfamiliar with the source material at the time of each movie's release, both have the look and feel of it (again, Moore be damned). I have faith that once again Snyder will be faithful to the source material, while exploring and expanding upon it to bring his nuance touch to DC Comic’s signature cinematic universe. (I'm sure Moore would disagree though.)

©2015 Steve Sagarra

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