Monday, March 30, 2009

What Would Jack Shephard Do?

In a previous post, I described a weird phenomenon that seemed to be occurring. Looking into the situation further, I recently came across all of this:

The Search for the 11:11 Angels

Urantia Foundation

Urantia Book Online

Now, I am not saying that I subscribe to this philosophy...yet. However, it has to be more than coincidence that something presumably insignificant – for example, seeing a repeated number on a clock – led me to it without any prior knowledge of it. Being a man of science (anthropology), two things stand out for me about Urantia:

1) The combination of faith and science, i.e. a creator God and biological evolution.
2) That Creationists, who believe the Earth is only around 10,000 years old and modern man walked with dinosaurs, criticize it for its alleged profane, cult-like "inanities" and inaccuracies.

Even though I am an agnostic opposed to organized religion, I try to keep an open mind about one's faith. Describing myself as spiritually inclined (after all I’m not an atheist), I believe in the rights of an individual to worship as they please. With that in mind, perhaps on a subconscious level I simply have been seeking something that relates and reaffirms my own ideas about our existence, purpose, etc., and sought it out. As such, it is very conceivable that on that same level I have been controlling the aforementioned phenomenon with nothing more to it. Yet, on the other hand, maybe there is some real entity – whether a celestial messenger or a higher-evolved "alien" life form – trying to make contact and communicate that knowledge.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but I'm really beginning to increasingly believe that it is beyond coincidence. Perhaps that is the point? To believe? (After all, Locke wished Jack had believed...)

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