Thursday, April 2, 2009

People Start Pollution...People Can Stop It?

Do you know the main problem for planet Earth, and quite possibly the entire solar system, galaxy and universe? The most sentient being, presumably, living among it – humans. Pseudo-activist ones at that, who blindly preach the sin of our "carbon footprint" and believe they can effect change on a global scale that will result positively or negatively. "Earth Hour" to save the planet? Really? Turning off lights for an hour means nothing, not even symbolically. All it does is put us further in the dark.

The planet has been around for billions of years, living harmoniously among the cosmos, bombarded by everything the universe, not to mention itself, can throw at it – horrifically torrential weather patterns, chillingly lethal volcanoes and catastrophically devastating asteroids. And the planet is still here. Earth does not perceive us, does not care about us. We are not its children. Despite man's attempts and measures to control nature, nature always will humble man's hubris of such grasping inclination. The only threat we pose is unbalancing the equation in arrogantly thinking that it needs to be rebalanced through a quasi-cult movement that insists turning off our lights, picking up a few plastic bags or filling our gas tanks after the sun goes down can "save the planet."

All the planet, the universe, and quite possibly even the invisible man so many are keen to worship will do is permanently turn out our lights
long after the sun has gone down on usand scoop us into the galactic trash can with the rest of the cosmic garbage.

But don't think this is just my opinion though...


©2009 Steve Sagarra

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