Friday, November 19, 2010

Student Body Scan Sham

Let’s see if I understand this correctly…ILLEGAL immigrants enrolled in California colleges will continue to receive reduced tuition, while LEGALLY-born U.S. students can expect an 8% hike to their tuition? Of course, the “undocumented” students will also feel the pinch to their in-state wallets as well. But let’s phrase the question another way…while American CITIZENS are harassed, manhandled and molested in their daily travels by airport security under the guise of “national security,” ILLEGAL immigrants will continue to be enfranchised with the benefits offered by the United States – that even a number of LEGAL citizens do not enjoy, and no less at the expense of American taxpayers – without so much as a single grope from Homeland Security?

Pardon my confusion, but what the hell is wrong with this scenario??? Did we suddenly wormhole to Bizarro’s Htrae, or more likely into The Twilight Zone? Is this a waking nightmare, from which there is no escape?

If nothing else, it is certainly a wakeup call.

(Okay, maybe not exactly what was meant by “wakeup call.” Now, if Hayden were a TSA agent - legal, illegal or otherwise - you think at least a few members of the "Don't Touch My Junk" crowd might be okay with a pat down?) 

©2010 Steve Sagarra

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