Friday, November 26, 2010

Whether Fight or Flight, the Threats Still Persist

What is the next step in the Useless Nations' decades-long, U.S.-led "police action" on the Korean Penisula, not to mention continuing sagas in places like Iran? At least, some people grasp the situation...

"The Irrelevance of START," Charles Krauthammer

"Nuclear Blinders," John Bolton (former U.S. ambassador to the U.N.)

"Why We're Always Fooled by North Korea," Michael J. Green

"North Korea Will Never Play Nice," B.R. Myers

Others, not so much apparently...
"U.N. Secretary General Eyes New Aid, Better PR Campaign, for North Korea" (Former South Korean Foreign Minister, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon)

"North Korea's Conistent Message to the U.S.," Jimmy Carter (former president of the U.S.)

"Crisis in Korea?," John Feffer

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