Monday, July 18, 2011

Taxing The Taxed With Proper Representation

The British colonies, as the United States was called prior to independence, fought for "taxation with representation." Guess what, we won the right...and for the last two centuries into the third we have since debated exactly how much everyone should pay. There is little argument that everyone - from the lower to the upper class - should pay taxes in support of our "great experiment" in democracy and capitalism; it's a matter of what constitutes a fair share, flatly across the board. (See what I did there? Fair Tax/Flat tax. Never mind.) Until the politicians in Washington heed the calls for change, American taxpayers will continue to suffer from the hardships of the current tax system and the bankrupt economy.

"Pro-Con:  Should The United States Adopt A Flat Tax" (Kansas City Star)

"How The Debt Tussle Can Help Move Toward A Flat Tax," by Thomas Miller (The American Magazine)

"Would Adopting A Flat Tax Benefit The United States:  Yes," by Peter Rush (Deseret News)

"Entitlement Reform And Tax Structuring," by Robert Bennett, former U.S. Senator (Deseret News)

"I'd Replace The Income Tax With The Fair Tax," by Herman Cain (The Daily Caller)

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