Sunday, September 15, 2013

In Every Revolution

The United States was, is and can continue to be a great nation. The issue, however, is not the measure of past, current or future greatness, but the ability to perform at a level of greatness at any given time. That problem stems from leadership, and the current administration, as well as the subsequent growing bureaucracy from it, is no less a prime example of that failure; it is not much different as regards the other two branches of government either. Partly because voters have elected, and continue to re-elect, weak and ineffective individuals into positions for which they are not and never were innately suited or properly vetted. In essence, “We, the People…” are to blame for this failure in leadership by not holding accountable and taking to task the individuals chosen to lead us.

In any human endeavor, there will always be disagreement over the direction to take, the path to do so and the people needed to do it. Again, this is not the problem; in discourse, disagreement is good if only for alternative viewpoints. If you can muster a coherent sentence and a valid argument for your stance, whether agreeable or not, from that cauliflower-like mush called a brain, you will be fine. However, if you open your pie-encrusted blowhole to say how much you love pie right before casting a vote, please stay home in the obliviousness called your pathetic, unnecessary existence. Voter IDs? Honestly, that does not go far enough; we need to bring back education tests. (Whoa…before you go screaming and ranting about racism and Jim Crow, just keep your piehole shut.) It would be simple:  you go to your election place, they show you a clear piece of plastic and ask what color is it. If your answer is anything other than a variation of “there is no color,” you do not get to vote…because, people, “CLEAR” ISN’T A @#$% COLOR! Even colorblind people could pass the test! (Obviously, the test needs tweaking for actual blind people.) With the likes of “People of Walmart” et al, how can it be any other way though??? My head aches thinking about – or heaven forbid, have to interact with – some of “my fellow Americans.” I say let the immigrants in, legal or otherwise…the gene pool could use some freshening!

As much as the situation is our fault, it is our responsibility to correct it. How do we do it? Change in leadership, not to mention the aforementioned citizenry makeup, would be a start; more so, a change in focus back to the principles and ideals that have worked toward greatness, casting off that which has distracted and deterred. For all their disagreements, even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson could agree that the Tree of Liberty needs the constant attention of vigilant patriots against the forces whose sole purpose is to tear it down. They saw it as every citizen’s duty, either through civic service or in ultimate sacrifice. It is simply a matter of finding once again the right elements and factors, even if at first they may not seem a good mixture.

©2013 Steve Sagarra

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