Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Obama's "Dutch Boy" Presidency, Part II

As U.S. voters go to the polls to elect a new president, let's follow-up on the departing Obama administration's two-term record. After eight years, it would be delusional for President Barack Obama, as he and his acolytes continually have done while in office, to place blame for what has occurred during his tenure on his predecessor. Eventually, he must own his own failed record that, indeed, has fundamentally transformed the United States. The economy, despite rhetorical assurances, still has never fully recovered from The Great Recession; many significant indicators are in the red, as they have been for the duration. Much of this is attributable to an historic level of over-regulation - most significantly, the disastrous and poorly implemented Obamacare - that continues to burden small and large business alike. If that were not enough, racial and social tensions are at an all-time high not experienced since the 1960s - where is the utopia of unity promised eight years ago, exasperated by nothing less than the president's own divisive rhetoric?

The international scene is just as worrying. If North Korea is any indication of future problems, Iran ever more is a threat - only difference that the latter directly received billions of dollars from the Obama administration to fund their not-so-subtle ambitions. Meanwhile, ISIS, never given proper credence by the administration as a major threat, evolved and continues to devastating effect upon the Middle East. As it is, a majority of Americans feel terrorism is a bigger threat to national security than before September 11th, a trend attributable to the administration's failures and inability to take the lead properly addressing and combating it. On top of all of this, China and Russia have been flexing renewed confidence because of a perceived withering and weak United States over these past eight years - frustrating our allies and further emboldening our enemies.

Truly, here's to hope and change under a new administration as the nation moves forward.

©2016 Steve Sagarra

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