Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why I'm Voting For Gary Johnson

Despite a continuously expanding list of scandals that should have nullified her candidacy, the contents of Hillary Clinton's emails should be more worrying than some are unwilling to admit. More so than the hackers and leakers with whom some seem to be more concerned, rather than a potential felon candidate ascending to the presidency. The attempted control and influence over supposed impartial government entities and an indispensable objective media is straight out of the fascist propaganda playbook. Undoubtedly, these emails are a terrifying window into a potential Clinton presidency that would only further its absolutism, corruption and dishonesty, with the knowledge that it is answerable to no one. We already have experienced one of the most contemptuous and least transparent administrations in our history over the past eight years; we do not need to continue that trend. To believe otherwise is to have your head in the sand.

Donald Trump is no counter in this contentious “lesser of two evils” contest. He is equally perilous to our republican system as he is repugnant. Abrasive, imprudent and uncouth in his demeanor, especially toward those who disagree with him on political and social issues, he is more schoolyard bully than presidential. By all indications, he knows more about growing his own wealth and portfolio - unashamedly, of bankrupt failed businesses - than the delicate intricacies involved in actually maintaining and growing a healthy economy. Again, we already have experienced eight years of a know-nothing president whose only “success” has been further tanking the economy between rhetorical speeches and economics-challenged policies. A Trump presidency simply would extend this cult of personality trend that has shrouded his predecessor. Also, it is hard to trust a supposed billionaire who, apparently, cannot afford to properly groom his hair.

If you are for civil liberties, fiscal management, responsible government and social acceptance, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump offer this platform. You know who does fit that description? The Gary Johnson/Bill Weld ticket. Is it absolutely perfect in every aspect and criteria on the checklist? That answer depends on your personal mindset, but it is the most reasonably sane choice compared to the alternatives. Besides, to demand absolute perfection from our leaders is to deny our own human flaws. Both Johnson and Weld are successful two-term former governors, no less in traditionally Democrat states. Historically, more often than not, former governors have made the best presidents because of their executive experience at the state level. They also do not carry with them the negative trappings that follow both Clinton and Trump into every debate and speech. That criteria alone should make all the difference in the choice.

With an unprecedented disdain by voters for front-runners Clinton and Trump, this election is not just about the immediate next four-to-eight years. This is about the long-term future of the United States, and, even more, the integrity of the presidency. 

©2016 Steve Sagarra

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